Meeting Youtubers


So today I have some collages of me with Youtubers I’ve met throughout the years. This is just a fun recap post for me! I’m also going to comment on a few Youtubers and tell you my experiences with them etc!

So these ones are from SITC 2014. I met loads of people but these are my favourite photos! It was the first time I met Sam King and Chai Cameron and they’re both my FAVES so that was super fun!  Everyone at SITC was lovely! (apart from Jake Boys and Adam Waithe but that story is for another time!)
 These are from the Paper Towns tour in Bristol, hosted by Sam King, Ebony Day and a few others.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Ebony Day because she is honestly the sweetest, most hilarious person ever, despite there being loads of people wanting to talk to her, she spent 15 minutes or talking to me and my friend and I JUST LOVE HER!!! 💖

Sam was LUSH as always! And I met Jake Mitchell for the first time and he was so adorable!! 
SITC 2015!

I MET ANDREA RUSSETT AND LUCYANDLYDIA!!!!!! I have been a fan of all three of these girls for so so long and so to meet them was amazing!

I also saw Chai and Sam again which was so nice!!!

 I’ve met Zoe Sugg and Connor Franta too! Both at their book signings. Zoe was just as I expected, bubbly and super lovely! We had a lot of banter and she was just so nice!!!!

Connor was lovely, unfortunately his signing was super rushed and we didn’t get to have a proper conversation :((

Niki and Sammy’s sit’n’chat was in October 2014. It was in a park in London and there was so many people there I loved it! I met Sam, Ebony, Niki, Samny, Jack, Dottie, Dodie, Em and loads of others there! It was probably my favourite meet up I’ve been too!

So I’ve met quite a few Youtubers and I am so grateful that the majority I’ve met have been exactly what I thought they’d be like!

Have you met any Youtubers? If so, who? Or who do you want to meet?

Thanks for reading!!

Becky xxx

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6 thoughts on “Meeting Youtubers

  1. You are SO lucky!!!! let alone get to live in the same country as them!! aaah!! make the experiences count, enjoy em for the rest of us who cannot meet them! I really want to meet the Suggs and the whole clan of theirs, Lilly Singh, Jacksgap :3 .. no end to the list, lol! It’d be divine if I could go to vidcon!


  2. This sounds like you had so much fun! You are so lucky you got to meet these You-tubers, I am dying to meet Connor Franta and Zoe Sugg!!


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