Concert Tips!

Hey guys!

I thought today I could tell you some concert tips. I have been to a lot of concerts in my time, the most recent being Kaiser Chiefs and I think my first one was Sclub 7 and Sclub Juniors!

So here are my top tips for concerts!

  1. BE PREPARED TO QUEUE- If you have standing tickets then it is likely you will want to get as close to the front as possible. The only way you can do this is by queuing. For example, For Charli XCX we queued for 7 hours and got barrier so it was totally worth it. For larger venues you will have to queue longer. When I saw One Direction at Wembley Stadium I queued for 7 hours again but I was about 6-7 rows back, so you need to leave enough time!
  2. DRESS APPROPRIATELY!– The amount of times I go to concerts and there’s girls hobbling around in high heels and bodycon dresses is ridiculous! Make sure you wear comfy shoes as it is likely you will be standing throughout the concert, and wear comfy clothes. I also always make sure my clothes are loose fitting as normally it gets very hot and so I want to be cool. Normally if I’m queuing I will pack a jumper and sometimes a small coat so I don’t freeze when waiting to go in!
  3. DRINK LOTS OF WATER– Before you go to a concert make sure you’ve had plenty of water as you don’t want to be passing out because you’re dehydrated. Quite often venues don’t let you take in water but if you’re standing they often pass some cups of water out. If you can take water in without a lid on it then I suggest popping the lid down a bra or in a secret pocket so you can pop it back on the bottle when you’re in the concert. I’ve been one of those stupid people who didn’t drink any water at a concert once and was in bed throwing up the whole next day so learn from my mistakes!!!
  4. KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING– There’s nothing worse than turning up late to a concert because you got lost. Make sure you have instructions on how to get there and if you are getting any tubes/buses then make sure you know which ones to get.
  5. DON’T TAKE TOO MANY PHOTOS– I always see people at concerts so emerged in their phones taking photos and videos that they don’t actually appreciate the gig. I always take a few every other song etc and film my favourite songs but don’t get too stressed if you can’t take a good photo.
  6. MAKE FRIENDS!– Whether it be with the people you’re queuing with or the security/merch people/sound guys etc. you never know where it could lead you. Two of my best friends I met queuing for a gig. You will also often get little perks from security etc if you’re nice to them like food, posters, set lists.
I hope these facts are useful to some people! Let me know if you’re going to any concerts soon!
Thank for reading!
Becky xxx
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